US Open 2015: How Serena Williams Is Serving Up Greatness


Serena Williams isn’t being heralded as the “greatest athlete of all time” for nothing. With four consecutive Grand Slam titles, the 33-year-old tennis titan has been doing the damn thing since she was three (she won her first US Open at 17, btw).

With the opportunity to win a calendar-year Grand Slam this go-round, Serena isn’t even sweating it, as far as her flawless Instagram pics show. Still, the stakes are high for Williams, who could be the first woman to nab the title in 27 years since Germany’s Steffi Graf did in 1988.

With tennis champ and Williams’ longtime opponent, Maria Sharapova, bowing out of the 2015 tourney due to a right leg injury, Williams perhaps doesn’t see much competition, but regardless of who she faces on the opposite side of a net, she’s always game.

Tonight, Williams is taking her talents to New York’s Flushing Meadows to compete against Russia’s Vitalia Diatchenko for Round 1 of the U.S. Open (August 31). Pre-game with a handful of quotes from the tennis phenom to live—and play—by.

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