#WCW Guide: How To Get In Shape Like Cookie Lyon




At this point, we’ve all spent the last several Wednesdays in awe of Cookie Lyon, simultaneously known as Taraji P. Henson. From now until forever, the D.C. native will be the sassy, no-nonsense matriarch of the famous Lyon family on FOX’s hit series, Empire, but the moment Cookie showcased her, well, cookies in sexy lingerie, all eyes were on her 40-plus toned figure. “My routine is a full range of motion,” she shared recently about her fitness plan. “I attend a class called Cardio Barre and I work out with my personal trainer two or three times a week as well.”

And it shows.

Throughout the premiere season of the soap opera-esque, viewers have watched Henson flaunt a physique – dripped eloquently in the best furs and fabrics, by the way – most women would die for and most men would applaud. And while getting the curvy, tight shape isn’t easy, it’s all about diligently putting in the work.

“I try to work out 6 days. Working out is hugely important to me because it makes me feel physically and mentally empowered and allows me to eat a normal diet. When I exercise it helps keep my mind clear and makes me feel calm and happy.”

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