5 Ways to Work Out While On The Job



For full-time go-getters, life’s demands can often interfere with your workout schedule. Whether you’re a registered nurse, dancer or mother, exercising adds on to an already lengthy to-do list.

If your 9-to-5 requires mostly sitting at your desk, there are ways to beat a sedentary lifestyle at work. According to a July 2016 study published on The Lancetan eight-hour work day means an hour of exercise. Even on the days you’re putting in overtime, here are five simple hacks to squeezing in your workout throughout the work day. 

Opt for a standing desk

While you may have to consult human resources, those who are lucky enough to utilize a standing desk have the benefit of ditching the chair altogether. There are also many benefits to working with a standing desk including less risk for obesity, reduced cancer risk and improved posture. Standing also burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting.

Sit on a stability ball

If standing desks are out of the question, sit on an exercise ball while you handle your business at your desk. Not only will the ball work your abs around the clock, it will also force proper spine alignment and improves blood circulation.

Keep a water bottle on your desk

My hot pink Nike Flow water bottle is a colorful reminder to drink H2O throughout the day. I fill up the bottle, which holds 875 mL (about 4 cups of water) once I come in and replenish two to three times throughout the day so that by the time I shut down my computer, I’ll already have gulped down approximately 12 cups of water. On average, women should be taking in 91 ounces of water daily (a little more than 11 cups). Sure, it may mean multiple bathroom breaks but that leads to another life hack.

Take strolls around the office

Whether you’re hitting up the water cooler or zipping to the bathroom, using your stems around the office beats sitting on your behind for hours straight any day. Opt for a Fitbit or Apple Watch to help track your steps and even share your daily results with friends so you can challenge each other to hit your daily goals.

Embrace the outdoors

Even on gloomy or rainy days, a quick stroll within a five-block radius of your office not only gives your mind a mental break but offers more opportunity to burn calories. On days that have a less crippling workload, I take advantage of avenue-long blocks to work up a quick sweat and break up my work day. 

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